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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Whats in and whats out xx

Heyya guys, just a kinda, random post of whats in at the mo and whats out :) <3 xx

In :) |

  • Strawberry nail art :) - I made my nails into this the other day :) I painted my nails with a BASECOAT and then coated it with a PINKY-RED COLOUR and painted my tips of my nails a green (BARRY M SPRING GREEN)  and then used a yellow colour to do neat dots over the red and covered it all with a topcoat
  • Family :) Chillin out, not having to wear loads of makeup, today I kept it simple :)
  • Tesco, cheese balls, heaven!
Robert Pattinson, just fallen more in <3 with him in remember me :( sad :'(

Out :( |

  • Lying and ppl being insensitive :(
  • Jinxed lottery card :(
  • Cookers that turn off half-way through cooking a roast :( <<<<<my poor tum tum
  • Real uggs, why waste ALL that money for something you can only wear in winter and isnt even waterproof, cant wear in rain or snow, typical winter weather!
  • No followers :(
LYL guys, 
follow :)
Izz xxxx

1 comment:

  1. heyy, I love the idea of your strawberry nails! Going to try that soon I think xxx