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Sunday, 9 January 2011


Heyya guys :)
Ihm lying on my bed typing this on the little white mac laptop :)
I didnt wanna wake up, but it was worth it to see I had 21 followers :) Made my day before it even started!
Thanks so much guys :) The comments always make me smile too, so please keep it up!
My room is a mess, clothes all over the floor, my handbag I used yesterday is still in the place where i abandoned it last night, its contents spewing across the carpet :)
I got the latest issue of Vogue yesterday, anybody else got it? I <3 the interview with Victoria Beckham, she's so honest :) And two mags for 4.00, pretty good deal :)
On the radio: Olly Murs, thinking of me,
Radio station: Capital FM, 95.8
Bedding: Lots of cushions, two pillows, a pink duvet with a purple and white quilt over it, my room gets          
                really cold
On nails: BarryM mint green
wearing: Pj's :)
Nearest photo to me: My piccie of my lil sis when she was like, 6 :)
5 things physically close to me right now: Pack of tissues, laptop, Cd player, Nailpolish remover, the         book, looking for alaska by John Green

That was randomz :)
Let me know if you'd want me to do any reviews or Tags :)
Well, I better get up now :'(
My cousin and his new gf are coming :)
See ya l8 guys
izzy xxx

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