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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Review x

This is kind of a review/comparison between Vaseline cocoa butter lip balm stick and Vaseline cocoa butter in the original tin :)
First up, the stick
Your first impressions are, that its very small and portable to slip in a pocket, handbag, or wallet :)
As you open it, you use the end to twirl the stick up and down. It smells gorge and looks very creamy too. And thats what it is, very creamy and moisturiser, almost like body lotion for your lips. One mistake I made was rubbing my lips together so much, as it begins to turn into little bits and feels gross on your lips, also, a little goes a long way, I didn't realise I had creamy white lines around my mouth until I looked in the mirror-cringe! :)
Though it makes your lips feel gorge, and for 99p, defo worth it :)

One thing I have with these tins, I know they are cute a retro but I cant open them!
They chip my nails and nail polish :(
When you put it on, it feels really relieving and soothing but very greasy and if you get it on your skin, it leaves skin greasy and oily :(

So overall, I prefer the stick, its more moisturising, more portable and doesnt chip my nails!

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