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Thursday, 6 January 2011

100 things that make me happy xx

This is a TAG (I enjoy tags :))
Over the next 10 weeks I will post 10 things that make me happy until I get to 100 :)
So, here goes :)
It's in no order :)

1. Bath with bubble bath
2. Cheese balls :) mmm
3. Blogging :) and finding I have a new comment or follower ! :)

4. Vaseline, it can be used for everything :)

5. Inspiring mottos or photos :)
6.Achieving and making people proud :)
7. Giving and recieving prezzies :)
8. Shopping :)
9. MAC pink lemonade lipglass
10. Reading,
lyl guys
Izzy xx


  1. I love that pic of Audrey, I have a print of it hanging in my hallway :) And I used the "Don't worry be happy pic" in my blog the other week, love it! xx

  2. Primp and preen- Its an amazing picture isnt it? I <3 it too, sorry, I didnt ask to use the 'dont worry be happy' picc :) xxx

    Makeitmine- Thanks babe :)

  3. Kepp up with your blog and youll get loads of followers in no time. x

  4. I love bubble baths! Such a relaxing thing to do at the end of a busy day :)

  5. Steph- Thanks babe :)
    Amaris- I know right! Its a great wind down at the end of a busy day :)

    Thanks for commenting, dont forget to follow! :) xx