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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

100 things that make me happy xx

1. Cute piccies :)
2. Mee and mah mates :)
Eg......Annabel, Lily :)

3. Quirky jewlery
4. Pamper sesh :)
    E. nails done, long bath, body lotion.... :)

    5. Finding a product that works for me :)

6. Having a brill idea!
7. Dancing!
8. tacos!
Some life lessons there too

9. Singing in the shower
Obviously this is totally what I do....not, frankenstien alert anyone!?

Being happy! Feeling positive!
cute :)
<3 you guys
izyy xxxxxx

My wishlist xx

This is a MAC products from their Wonder Woman collection :) I <3 wonder woman, anything retro really (or vintage) and this reminds me of those chunky felt tips you have as a kid, but obviously more glam :)
Atm, I'm finding it really hard to find any UK sales for this, so if anyone is having a sale or knows anywhere to buy it, plz let me knoww, dying heerree!! :)

Im <3 ing this colour, as winter was all about the darker colours and although it isnt quite spring yet, (I'm optimistic) and this nailpaint is still wintery with a hint of purpley spring :) So I'm <3 ing this ! :) xx

I can feel spring coming and as I said before, what if spring suddenly happened and I had no nailpolish to match the could happen, ok!?
This is Eyeko, lilac nailpolish :) So cute :) xx


This is something I thought you guys might find interesting??
My English hw.....

My personality quirks
·       I can’t wear socks in bed.
·       Raisins make me feel physically sick
·       My right foot steps on the cracks in the pavement and my left foot on the plain paving.
·       Prawn crackers are evil 1
·       I always eat my least favourite thing on my plate first.
·       I hate touching public objects. 2
·       I’m obsessed with hand gel
·       I don’t like being alone for a long time but it doesn’t matter if I don’t even talk to the people around me, it makes me feel safe.
·       I hate warm lizards and reptiles. 3
·       I like small spaces, when it’s just me in them.
·       The colour pale yellow is gross. 4
·       When I’m home alone, I like to have noise around me. 5

1 they make me feel ill, I don’t know why, the smell, it might just be because I hate the smell of fish.
2 I hate touching public objects like handles on doors or poles on buses or traffic light buttons. I creeps me out what the object must have seen and when has touched the object and what I am now touching, it’s disgusting.
3. This is because one once pooed on me once during a childrens party.
4. It reminds me a bit of vomit.
5. I switch on the tv or radio or listen to music on my ipod.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Review x

This is kind of a review/comparison between Vaseline cocoa butter lip balm stick and Vaseline cocoa butter in the original tin :)
First up, the stick
Your first impressions are, that its very small and portable to slip in a pocket, handbag, or wallet :)
As you open it, you use the end to twirl the stick up and down. It smells gorge and looks very creamy too. And thats what it is, very creamy and moisturiser, almost like body lotion for your lips. One mistake I made was rubbing my lips together so much, as it begins to turn into little bits and feels gross on your lips, also, a little goes a long way, I didn't realise I had creamy white lines around my mouth until I looked in the mirror-cringe! :)
Though it makes your lips feel gorge, and for 99p, defo worth it :)

One thing I have with these tins, I know they are cute a retro but I cant open them!
They chip my nails and nail polish :(
When you put it on, it feels really relieving and soothing but very greasy and if you get it on your skin, it leaves skin greasy and oily :(

So overall, I prefer the stick, its more moisturising, more portable and doesnt chip my nails!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Project 10-pan x

ok, I've kinda already started this....
But basically you have to use up 10 products before you buy new products :)
This is what i have used up so far :)
I have used up this :)
And bought a new one......
All of my moisturiser, nivea soft all the way <3
This lasts a while, but I have used it all up :)

Barry M glossy tube :) Quite easy to use up, glossy lips galore :)

Mostly skincare :)
So I've used up 4 products so far.... :)


My green dress, in the vintage range at Superdry, my mint green Barry M nailpaint, brown boyfriend cardi, Tesco :)
And blue leggings, H+M :)
Izzy xx
Just a really funny vid I found :)
Those are all of em :)
Sad buy cool! :)
Nails of the day
Izzy xx