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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My wishlist xx

This is a MAC products from their Wonder Woman collection :) I <3 wonder woman, anything retro really (or vintage) and this reminds me of those chunky felt tips you have as a kid, but obviously more glam :)
Atm, I'm finding it really hard to find any UK sales for this, so if anyone is having a sale or knows anywhere to buy it, plz let me knoww, dying heerree!! :)

Im <3 ing this colour, as winter was all about the darker colours and although it isnt quite spring yet, (I'm optimistic) and this nailpaint is still wintery with a hint of purpley spring :) So I'm <3 ing this ! :) xx

I can feel spring coming and as I said before, what if spring suddenly happened and I had no nailpolish to match the could happen, ok!?
This is Eyeko, lilac nailpolish :) So cute :) xx


  1. Love the Wonderwoman products, i want it even if its just for the packaging!! xx

  2. The sale date for the Wonder Woman collection in the UK is March :)

    I'm really liking that Barry M nail paint, I've been eyeing it for a while :)

  3. Sarah- I know, its just so little kid like and cute :) A real pick-me-up :)

    MakeYuUp- Thanks babe! I cant wait! I was wondering whyy i couldnt find it! Yeahh, its a really pretty colour :)

    izzy xxx