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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


This is something I thought you guys might find interesting??
My English hw.....

My personality quirks
·       I can’t wear socks in bed.
·       Raisins make me feel physically sick
·       My right foot steps on the cracks in the pavement and my left foot on the plain paving.
·       Prawn crackers are evil 1
·       I always eat my least favourite thing on my plate first.
·       I hate touching public objects. 2
·       I’m obsessed with hand gel
·       I don’t like being alone for a long time but it doesn’t matter if I don’t even talk to the people around me, it makes me feel safe.
·       I hate warm lizards and reptiles. 3
·       I like small spaces, when it’s just me in them.
·       The colour pale yellow is gross. 4
·       When I’m home alone, I like to have noise around me. 5

1 they make me feel ill, I don’t know why, the smell, it might just be because I hate the smell of fish.
2 I hate touching public objects like handles on doors or poles on buses or traffic light buttons. I creeps me out what the object must have seen and when has touched the object and what I am now touching, it’s disgusting.
3. This is because one once pooed on me once during a childrens party.
4. It reminds me a bit of vomit.
5. I switch on the tv or radio or listen to music on my ipod.

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