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Friday, 7 January 2011

My regular skincare buys xx

These are my regular skincare buys! :)
I am constantly on the lookout for new skincare products to test and try out, so give me some ideas of good things to try :)
First up
My super product, I could live with only this as my skincare product.
It's about 3 pounds

This is also about 3 pounds, I use this after the blackhead clearing cleanser
Love the smell of this, by Lush, about 4-5 pounds :)

makes my skin feel amaze
really scrubs skin :)

Izzy xx


  1. If you like light moisturisers for daytime, I absolutely love Garnier's Fresh Essentials Hydrating Day cream (bit of a mouthful) is great- not v expensive and is so nice and light. One of my faves for summer and I like their Soft Essentials one for winter.

  2. Great post, I like Nivea and No7 for my daily routine. Gonna have to try the Neutrogena one just for the fact its pink :) xxx

  3. Primp and preen- I might have to try that out :)

    Jo - Completely! Its pink, so it must be good, but it really is, it really refreshes your skin, and of course, is pink :)
    Izzy xx