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Saturday, 1 January 2011

I don't like it!!!

Heyya guys :)
If you dont follow Juicystar07 or allthatglitters21, which you should! <3 Then this is their, kinda tag almost :)
Soo...I had to post this, to save you poor helpless people against this evil thing! :0 x is....
Primark facial wipes!! The deep cleansing, pink packeted ones :/
No disrespect to anyone who uses them or likes them and works for them but i hate them :(
I was in town and I was about to go home when i went past primark and thought, why not, I'll have a browse. So, I wondered around for a bit and i only had like, 3 pounds left, as i had been makeup shopping... eek!
I had recently used up my simple facial wipes and wanted some more, but i only remembered when i had left superdrug, when i came across a bargain bin.
I glanced in and saw a deal of two packets of these primark deep cleansing facial wipes for £1! I thought, bargain, I'll try em. So I happily boarded the bus home, quite happy with my purchase.
Later that evening before I went to bed, I sat on my bed and grabbed my wipes. It said, on the front, removes even waterproof mascara. I found the wipes quite dry, even from a newly sealed packet, though, i popped them on my eyes, removing my eye makeup, it just made my mascara crumble down my face, so I had to brush it off my cheeks. Eventually I gave up and had to use my trusty simple eye makeup remover. Next i tried to use a wipe to remove my face makeup. It did nothing apart from irritating my skin and turning it an angry red.
I had to use lots of moisturiser and a calming facial wash to un-irritate my skin and it still tingled.
These are evil :)
Izz xxx <3

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