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Monday, 3 January 2011

Monday morning school routine :(

This is my secound time trying to post this LOL :)
Think of me on those cold dark, wet monday mornings :(
6:30ish- alarm goes, often ignored
6:40- drag self from bed and into shower
6:50- brush teeth and wash face
6:55- do hair, often in messy bun or down with a pretty clip
7:00- do makeup, often, concealer, powder (sometimes foundation if skin is bad), a light blush and some mascara, and lipbalm.
7:00 go downstairs and get changed, (mom irons my clothes in the morning)
7:10- eat breakfast, it depends on what we have, often brain alerting cereal :)
7:20- make sure bag is packed, get any letters from mom
7:25- me and mom make my lunch
7:35 ish- leave for  bus stop
7:40- get to bus stop
7:50 ish- get on bus
8:00 get off bus, maybe meet friends
8:10- set off for school with friends, walking
8:20- stop at shop, my mates always buy stuff in the mornings :)
8:25 get to school and go to tutors, all my friends are in different tutor groups, form rooms, home rooms...
8:30- tutor comes and school starts :)
lyl guys
comment and follow :)
Izz xx

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