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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fashion :)

Im loving the lat few items as they are more in my price range, most of it is a selection from Sea of Shoes blog <3 her style, and the girl model, is sea of shoes 

Friday, 24 December 2010

New look xxx

Heyya guys :)
This is gonna be a kinda long post with piccies and descriptions of the latest styles from the AMAZE womens store, New look! :)
Enjooyy xx

loving these acid wash jeans at the mo, they are slightly cropped so I would probably wear them with some cute brogues and a slouch vest top, such as the one above. I love the owl pattern the colours are subtle but amazing. This look would be great for summer but to winter-it-up, add some black ugg boots and a knitted cardigan :)

This chic mac is very in right now. I'm loving the nude colours and is great for the new year :) The belt adds detail and I would wear it with black leggings and cute ankle boots, such as these.

again with the buckling detail.

Next up.....
These cute shorts. I love the design and it makes zoo keeper shorts chic. I would wear them with 
this really cute pilot jacket is within the same colour scheme as the shorts but adds a new dimension to the outfit.
I'd wear it with...
This gorgeous chandelier detailed top is slightly fitted to flatter your figure and adds more detail to the otherwise pretty plain canvas.

Next up...

These gorgeous knitted jumpers. They both have the theme of Stags (Deer). They are perfect for winter and will keep you stylish and cosy. Probably my favourite is the first, in terms of cosiness the first one, only because the secound has sequins that could scratch and fall off. But they are both gorgeous.
I would wear either of these with either this boot

or this boot to smarten it up if i was going out :)

The top has a vampire-esque sense to it

Next up

This is so cute. A cricket type long sweater. This is in my favourite colour and the white really add affect.
I would wear it with tights and
these shoes

Im not sure what I think of it. I love the fabric, print and shape but I have issues with the zip. Seriously :/ Why would you do that???? It looks dodgy. :P

I wouldnt wear this and but its cute :)

Love this top, i would wear it with skinny jeans.
I <3 this dress, with some tights and heels it would be gorge, or dressed down with black leggings and uggs! :)
Thx guys!
Hope yoosh enjoyed :) xxxxxx
Check out new look, all the clothes shown are from the teen section :)

Fave makeup collection videos x

This is Swalkermakeup's makeup collection :)
AMAZE right?

This is meganheartsmakeup's makeup collection

This is Juicystar07's....(above)


Finally.... dulcecandy;s (above)

Enjoy! :)
And suscribe to them :) <3

Merry christmas! xxx

Heyya :)
As the pudding said :) x
Have a great christmas and a happy new year :)
Hopefully the next time chat to you after xmas I shall be the owner of an ipod :)
Izz xxxx <3

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Updatee :)

Heyya guys :)
THis is just an update on mee :)
Of course, xmas in 2 days...whatever my blogg says, the time is actually 6.06 pm not, 10 am as it says... weird :/
Dunno how to change it either! eep!
I'm currently in my living room on my PC. MY Gramps (Grandpa) Is behind me and watching a furniture restoration programme :) He drove down from somerset today :)
My lil siblings are upstairs along with me dadd who is working on something or another :)
I <3 smiley faces :) As you can tell :)
Cute huh?
Just like meeee :) My Mom is out in town getting last minute veggies our local sainsburys cannot supply :/ Seriously that store.... GRR Ok, change subject before I start rating about supermarkets :)
I painted my nails in a candy can pattern yesterday, very xmassey :) Let me knoww if you would like to see them or the nail enamels I used or whatevaaa :)
Ok I'm gonna talk about my xmas traditions, welll.....on xmas eve, we always have to have a ham, which my mom makes amazingly i must sayy :) We always leave the carrot for rudolph, mince pie and sherry for santa, :) Keeps the magic of xmas for my lil siblings :)   On xmas morning, we take our stockings (THEY ARE NOT STOCKINGS THEY ARE SACKS!!!) and sit on the bed of my parents room and open our lil mini prezzies :) Then xmas brekkie, we have amazing stuff! Our bigger prezzies are under the tree, and we open them all together with my grampy too and we have that after brekkie :)
What are your xmas traditions? :) Let me knoww and follow me :) x
Off to read mahh booky wooky, not the one by russel brand, actually talking about russel brand...
Could that dress be any more AMAZING! :) another fashion success Katy :)
Nivea have launched a new design for their moisturisers too, under the theme of the circus 

They are gorge!
Anyways lyl guys and follow :)
Btw the book im readin is..

lyl guys!