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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Updatee :)

Heyya guys :)
THis is just an update on mee :)
Of course, xmas in 2 days...whatever my blogg says, the time is actually 6.06 pm not, 10 am as it says... weird :/
Dunno how to change it either! eep!
I'm currently in my living room on my PC. MY Gramps (Grandpa) Is behind me and watching a furniture restoration programme :) He drove down from somerset today :)
My lil siblings are upstairs along with me dadd who is working on something or another :)
I <3 smiley faces :) As you can tell :)
Cute huh?
Just like meeee :) My Mom is out in town getting last minute veggies our local sainsburys cannot supply :/ Seriously that store.... GRR Ok, change subject before I start rating about supermarkets :)
I painted my nails in a candy can pattern yesterday, very xmassey :) Let me knoww if you would like to see them or the nail enamels I used or whatevaaa :)
Ok I'm gonna talk about my xmas traditions, welll.....on xmas eve, we always have to have a ham, which my mom makes amazingly i must sayy :) We always leave the carrot for rudolph, mince pie and sherry for santa, :) Keeps the magic of xmas for my lil siblings :)   On xmas morning, we take our stockings (THEY ARE NOT STOCKINGS THEY ARE SACKS!!!) and sit on the bed of my parents room and open our lil mini prezzies :) Then xmas brekkie, we have amazing stuff! Our bigger prezzies are under the tree, and we open them all together with my grampy too and we have that after brekkie :)
What are your xmas traditions? :) Let me knoww and follow me :) x
Off to read mahh booky wooky, not the one by russel brand, actually talking about russel brand...
Could that dress be any more AMAZING! :) another fashion success Katy :)
Nivea have launched a new design for their moisturisers too, under the theme of the circus 

They are gorge!
Anyways lyl guys and follow :)
Btw the book im readin is..

lyl guys!

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