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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2010 favourites xx

This is a reflection on the year and my faves from 2010 :)

Fave tv show: In terms of what I watched religiously, eastenders
Fave movie: that is really hard, btw these are ones I WATCHED in 2010, uhh, Remember me, Forest Gump, Notting hill....

Fave book: My sisters keeper, oh my gosh, I didnt read much last year..... :/

Favourite discovery: The whole beauty guru, beauty blog community :)

Fave nail design achieved: definitely my strawberry nails :)

Fave lipgloss/colour: MAC pink lemonade lipglass

fave makeup line: Barry M, MAC or MUA makeup academy for bargains, everything in their range is 1 quid, yepp, one lil coin :)

Fave moisturiser: Nivea soft intensive moisturiser

Fave mascara: Benefit bad gal lash

Fave blush: collection 200 blush in 47 rose petal, discontinued :(

Fave phone: My samsung
Fave lesson at school: drama, music, english or R.S

Fav blog: Thats really hard, I have soo many faves!

Brand I want to try: Eyeko

Fave bag I own: 

Fave beauty guru:
Swalkermakeup, above or meganheartsmakeup below
Hair cut
My hair is naturally curly and I dont own straighteners at the mo so its a bit shorter than I usually have but I'm finding it more manageable :) Bad pic, long day at school :(

Thats it for now
comment and follow :) <3