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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mini haul xx

Just what the title says, a mini haul from a friends birthday get-together, pizza, cinema and shopping :)
Ok, so in the back is just the latest Vogue issue, 4.00

Then there is the accessorize blusher, merged blusher, in pretty pink, number three
Sorry, bad quality but you can see on the right, there is a streak of purple, as it is a merged blusher, different colours are visible in it :)
You can see a streak of barbie/candy pink to the right :), quick swatch :)

Then I got a barryM nail paint, my fave nailpolishes, ever, i like to treat myself to one every month, and with the quality and price only being 2.95, whats to lose?
I got number 304 mint green, which I have wanted for a while now :)
Gonna have some beans on toast and get an early night, curled up in bed sipping a hot drink, painting my nails and reading vogue :)
If anyone would want me to do a review on the blusher let me know :)


  1. I like the color of that nail polish, hope i could find one on my next shopping. :)

  2. Its really cute, I painted my nails with it last night and its gorge! Bargain too! :) xx

  3. That nail varnish colour is great I also have it! If you like the pastel Shades you should try the lilac one too. That one is seriously pretty! You need about 2/3 coats to get a good opaque colour but its worth it! xx